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Watch and Jewelry Needle File Escapement Barrette

Needle file barrette
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Square handled needle files, the precision files are available in most of needle file shapes. Length 5 1/5" (14cm),Cut 1 9/16" to 2 9/16" (39.7 to 65.1mm) depending upon shape.

Grobet Swiss-Made Escapement Files Escapement files (also called watchmakers files) are generally narrower and thinner than standard needle files. Escapement files are used for the most delicate and precise filing requirements.  Escapement files have square handles and are always  5-1/2" (14cm) long from tip to handle end. Several types of escapement files are available in different cut lengths, for example, you can order a barrette escapement file in 40mm, 55mm or a 48mm barrette parallel. For escapement files, the mm measurement always refers to the cut length, not the tip to tip length.

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