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Adjustable Watch Tool Pin Vise 0 - 1.0mm Slide Lock Design

Pin Vise
Your Price: $4.95
Item Number: 58.302


This is a quality slide lock pin vise; it features a sliding O ring that allows you to lock the pin vise at different opening sizes from 0 to 1.0 mm quickly and easily allowing you to hold a variety of watchmaker’s tools. You can use it to hold drill bits, needle files, burs and a variety of other tools, as well as your typical pins for repairs. It has a knurled, or ribbed, slide to allow you to use it easily with just one hand. It is approximately 4-1/2" inches long.

  • Adjustable pin vise with slide lock design
  • Great for holding pins, drills, needle files and more
  • Handle is hollow for holding long wire
  • Collet holds items from 0 - 1.0mm in diameter
  • Product size 4.2" x 0.3" x 0.3" Inches (105 x 7 x 7mm)


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