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Plastic Ring Guards Ring Size Reducer - 6 Pieces Per Package

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Size (Width/Thickness of Ring):

Plastic ring guards are an inexpensive and convenient way to temporarily resize your ring.  Safe to use on any ring without the worry of it scratching the metal. No sharp edges to rip clothing or scratch skin. Apply to ring while wearing or while the ring is off, whichever you find easier. Apply by gapping the split area of the ring guard and sliding it over your band until snug on the ring.  Ring guards will size down your ring by about 2 full ring sizes.

  • Standard Size: Fits 1.75 mm to 4.0 mm Wide Bands - Most modern rings will be around 1.75 mm or thicker.  Measure your rings thickness & width to ensure you order the correct size.
  • Small Size:  1.70 mm Or Narrower Band - Narrow and thin rings like this are less common or often seen in older thin or heavily warn down rings.  Measure your rings thickness and width to ensure you order the correct size. 
  • 6 Pieces Per Package

When to use a plastic ring guard?
Arthritic Fingers, Large Knuckles, Weight Loss, Ring Bought Too Large, Costume or Inherited Jewelry That is Worn on Special Occasions, Fingers That Change in Size Often Due to Climate or Swelling, In-between Professional Ring Sizing, or to Prevent Metal Ring Guard Scratching Ring. 

How do they feel on your finger?
The ring guard is made of a heavy walled pvc like tubing.  The ring guards will size down your ring around 2 full finger sizes.  If you need your ring to be significantly less or more in size, these ring guards may not be the best option and we would recommend using a more versatile metal "Spring Ring Guard" instead. 

Can the ring guards be modified to fit inside smaller ring sizes?
Yes, the length of the ring guard can be cut down in order to fit into smaller ring sizes.  This can be done by carefully using a box cutter or exacto knife.  The wall thickness of the ring guard can not be modified, only the length of the ring guard can be modified. 

What do they look like while wearing?
The ring guards are a clear plastic material.  The ring guard is round and tubular and may not lay perfectly flush with the curve of your ring/band.  *Please see our product images for a example of the ring guard placed on a ring. 

How do they go on the ring?
The tube shape ring guard has a horizontal split that can be gapped open in order to slide over the lower portion of your ring (the area that sits below your finger while wearing).  Make sure to measure the thickness of your band/ring, to ensure you are ordering the correct size ring guards.  This can be done by using a digital gauge to measure the thickness/width of the band or carefully obtained with a ruler. 

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