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Watch Crystal Scratch Remover Re-New-All Watch Crystal Plastic Renewer

Crystal scratch remover
Your Price: $6.89
Item Number: 47.310

Doesn’t every watch crystal deserve to look brand new? Thanks to Re-New-All, it is finally possible for every plastic watch crystal to look new again after polishing. This Re-New-All crystal renewer makes old plastic crystals new again by removing scratches and blemishes. It is a time and money saver and it is easy to use. Simply charge your polishing wheel with the Re-New-All compound then gently buff the plastic crystal until the imperfections are gone.

  • Brings crystals back to like new condition
  • Restores any clear plastic product to its original clarity
  • Removes scratches, scuffs and blemishes from plastic watch crystals, cell phone displays, MP3 players, digital book readers, iPad's, CD's, DVD's and more (as long as they are plastic)
  • Plastic crystal polishing compound
  • Use with standard soft buffing wheel
  • 5 oz bar
  • Product measurements: 5" X 1.25" X 1" Inches (126 X 30 X 23mm)

How To Change A Watch Crystal
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