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Jewelry Needle File Round Shape Cut 4

Jewelry Needle File
Your Price: $12.99
Item Number: 31.595

Grobet Swiss Precision Files are manufactured to precise production standard, using a combination of machine cutting and hand craftsmanship to produce the most accurate, best cutting and longest lasting files in the world. They are made of the finest heat-tempered, chrome alloy steel and have the "right" feel, action and balance desired by all true craftsmen


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Riffers jewelry file
Rifflers Jewelry File Silversmiths #782 Cut 0
Your Price: $50.95
Rifflers Jewelry File Silversmiths #782 Cut 0
The riffler has double rounded ends. Great for getting into smaller areas and especially good for rings. Use for making jewelry, watch repair, jewelry repair, wax carving, lost wax casting, designing jewelry, etc.
Needle File Handle
Jewelry File Handle Needle File Handle Diameter 1/2"
Your Price: Starting at $7.95
Jewelry File Handle Needle File Handle Diameter 1/2"
This aluminum needle file handle will make it easier to use those small needle files. Place needle file into the handle. It will give you a larger holding surface to work with. Use when making jewelry, designing jewelry, watch repair, jewelry repair.
Mini jewelery file set
Pocket Mini Jewelry File Set 12 Piece
Your Price: $15.95
Pocket Mini Jewelry File Set 12 Piece
12 different needle files for use on any filing application. Stored in pocket sized container for easy storage and retrieval.

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