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Speed Brite 309sb Ionic Jewelry Cleaner Shop Model 9x5 inches

Your Price: $184.99
Item Number: 23.653

this product is made in the usa

The Speed Brite jewelry cleaner works uniquely by electrolysis. Designed on the principle that ions are attached to dirt and grease rather than metals and stones, the Speed Brite cleans the jewelry by drawing the ions away from the metal. Because of this design, the surface tension on the piece of jewelry is reduced, permitting dirt and tarnish to be lifted away from the piece by soft bubbles - without abrasion. This Ionic cleaner is safe to use on soft stones like onyx, opal, and pearls, whereas other cleaners cannot be used on these soft stones. You won’t lose any metal, and no stones or settings will damaged by friction, heat or abrasion during cleaning with the Speed Brite. Plus the SpeedBrite cleaning cycle can be done in under a minute! To enhance the results of your cleaning and the polish of your jewelry, you should rinse and dry each piece after immersion.

  • Shop size 9 x 5" inch tank
  • 36oz. Capacity
  • Clear plastic cover and mesh metal tray for parts
  • Works be electrolysis
  • Doesn’t use abrasion to remove dirt or grease
  • No metal loss
  • Comes with a 32 ounce container of Gem Sparkle Solution – it contains no caustic chemicals or ammonia
  • It is safe to the user and the environment
  • 120V adaptor (12v DC) included 10W
  • One year warranty
  • Made in U.S.A.

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