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Sparex Acid Pickling Compound Firescale Remover 10 oz.

Acid pickling compound
Your Price: $4.70
Item Number: 45.128

this product is made in the usa

This Sparex Acid Pickling Compound is incredibly easy to use, longer lasting, and a safe replacement for dangerous sulfuric acid when it comes to the effective cleaning and pickling of metals. Use Sparex No.2 for removing surface oxidation, for scale and pickling gold, silver, and copper based alloys. It is non-flammable and non-explosive.


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Bergeon 6225 Plastic Tweezers
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Bergeon 6225 Plastic Tweezers
The tweezer is a multipurpose watch tool thats a must have for watchmakers and jewelers. This Bergeon Swiss plastic tweezer is non-magnetic, non-conductive, acid resistant, and glue resistant. This tool is the perfect tool for any watchmaker.
Little Dipper pickle pot
Lil Pickler Pickle Pot 16 oz. Jewelers Pickler Metalsmiths Acid Bath
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Lil Pickler Pickle Pot 16 oz. Jewelers Pickler Metalsmiths Acid Bath
This Little Pickler Pickle pot is just as effective as other, more expensive pickle pots on the market. It holds 16-20 oz. of liquid, allowing you to clean fire scale and oxidation from your jewelry repairs quickly and easily for sparkling clean jewelry.
Sparex pickling compound
Sparex Pickling Compound 2.5lb Bag
Your Price: $9.50
Sparex Pickling Compound 2.5lb Bag
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Blue plastic hemostat
Plastistat, Blue Plastic Hemostat - Length 4 7/8"
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Plastistat, Blue Plastic Hemostat - Length 4 7/8"
This Plastistat hemostat is made of polypropylene and impervious to acid making it perfect for jewelers who work with pickling compounds, glues, high heat and much more. These clamping jaws can even be filed to accommodate a variety of jewelry repairs.

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