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Italian Diamond Tweezers Stainless with Grooves Fine

Diamond Tweezers with Serrated Tip
Diamond Tweezers with Serrated TipEconomy Stainless Diamond Tweezers
Your Price: $12.95
Item Number: 57.1653
New Page 1 Our Italian Diamond Tweezers are a reasonably priced line of tweezers which maintains high standard of quality. Manufactured of stainless steel with a light touch and good flexibility, this line incorporates finely serrated points to hold diamonds and other stones securely during sorting or for viewing by customers. Tweezers feature fine tips.

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Diamond tweezers
Dumont Locking Stainless Diamond Tweezer 6" Jewelry Tool
Your Price: $45.75
Dumont Locking Stainless Diamond Tweezer 6" Jewelry Tool
Chose between two different point sizes, these tweezers will give you the quality you are looking for. The locking tweezers will help you keep the diamond or gemstone stay put. Use when making jewelry, designing jewelry, watch repair & jewelry repair.
Easy Loop Gem Holder Tweezers Vise
Easy Loop Gem Holder Tweezers
Your Price: $4.95
Easy Loop Gem Holder Tweezers
Gently holds gemstones, pearls and beads without scratching or marring them. Push on the end of the tool and the loops come out and will gently hold your items. Nice to have when repairing jewelry, prong repair and more.

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