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Steamostats Non-Locking Length 8"

Steam-o-stats Steam Tweezers Forcepts
Steam-o-stats Steam Tweezers ForceptsSteam Tweezers Steamostats
Your Price: $7.45
Item Number: 23.255
this product is made in the usa New Page 1

The original, perfect, non-scratch holder for steam and ultrasonic cleaning. Stainless steel box joint construction, PVC coated non-scratching tips. Excellent tool for steam cleaning rings and other jewelry as well as retrieving items from the bottom of your ultrasonic. Made in the U.S.A.

  • Product size: 8.1" X 3.3" X .23" Inches (206 X 85 X 6mm)
  • Made of stainless steel; PVC coated tips

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Steam-O-Stats Jewelry Forceps Tweezers Tool
PVC coated hemostat used when cleaning jewelry with an ultrasonic cleaning system. Won't scratch jewelry or watches. Use when soldering jewelry, prong repair, watch repair, making jewelry and jewelry repair.
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This Plastistat hemostat is made of polypropylene and impervious to acid making it perfect for jewelers who work with pickling compounds, glues, high heat and much more. These clamping jaws can even be filed to accommodate a variety of jewelry repairs.

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