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Horotec Watch Tool for Fitting and Removing Buttons

Horotec Watch Tool
Horotec Watch ToolHorotec Watch Tool
Your Price: $143.95
Item Number: 64.306

Sometimes, trying to remove and reset friction fit push buttons without damaging the piece can seem like an impossible task. Luckily for you, you’ve discovered the Horotec Button Removing tool for Pushers. The friction fit or push in buttons have no threads to hold them into the case, therefore they fit tightly into the tool itself, making removing and resetting a nightmare. This tool was made to take the frustration out of fitting and removing these buttons and to get the job done without damaging the piece. It comes complete with 7 pusher pin punch bits and 1 Delrin support base.

  • Seven pusher punch bits: 2.95 mm, 2.65 mm, 2.45 mm, 2.15 mm, 1.95 mm, 1.75 mm, and 1.55 mm
  • Will remove friction fit buttons
  • Will fit friction fit buttons back into the piece
  • Swiss made


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