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Watch Band Parts End Piece Refills

Watch end replacements
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These watch band end pieces are made to hold the metal bands to the case while hiding the lug screw and adding a finished look to the watch. You can purchase either of the two different styles of band end pieces, the slotted and the open cut out end piece. These watch end pieces also comes in straight and curved styles to ensure that the end pieces will always fit flush against the watch case, whether it is a curved or straight watch case. To find which size end piece you need, simply measure the space between the lugs. Sold in pairs, all you need to do to ensure you always have the right end pieces is select the sizes you need from the drop down menu above.

  • Sold in pairs (one for each size of your watch case)
  • End pieces come in three different colors: yellow, white, and two tone
  • Gold or nickel plated to give the white and yellow colors
  • Available 20 different sizes
  • The slotted style has two cut outs for the band to fit into, style 80.636
  • The cut out style has a single cut out for the band to fit into, style 80.637
  • They are curved or straight to always give you a flush fit against the watch case
  • Available in both pointed, rounded and straight tips
  • Measure the width between the lugs to find what size end piece you need
  • Gives your watch a finished look as it hides the spring bar
  • These are the refills for the End Piece Assortment 80.632


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This assortment of watch end pieces is just what any watchmaker needs for metal watch band repairs. End pieces will give any watch a perfect, finished look. With many sizes, styles, and colors included you are sure to find end pieces to match every watch.

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