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Watch Band Tool Kit for Watch Band Replacement and Repair

Watch band tool kit
Your Price: $99.00
Item Number: 59.0291

Watch Band Replacement and Repair Tool Kit  *** A $168.00 Value ***

With this tool kit you can replace and repair metal and leather watch bands. From measuring your watch band to making new holes to size a leather watch band, this watch band repair kit will take care of almost every watch band related job. The tools were chosen by our experts with years of experience in watch band replacement. You will find the tool box roomy and convenient with extra space for other watch pins, watch claps, and tools for watch band service. This kit was designed with all the tools to replace and repair metal and leather watch bands, change the size of watch bands, and replace a varied selection of pins, clasps, screws, links, and buckles. Experience worry free watch band replacement by having the correct tools for the job.

Kit Includes:

  • Portable tool box with handle and drawer for storage
  • Watch band measuring gauge #59.0468
  • Watch Pin Punch (Set of 3) #64.2005
  • Selvyt Cloth #17.080
  • Screwdriver Set 7pc. (Reversible Blades) #52.0845
  • Riveting hammer 2oz. #37.242
  • Band link remover pliers  #46.0399
  • Hole punch pliers #46.238
  • Band Notching Pliers #46.0860
  • Bracelet Pin Remover #59.128
  • Assortment of Stainless Dbl. Flange Spring Bars #82.2015
  • Buckle Kit-White #80.602
  • 3 Leather watch straps
  • Plastic Band Block #59.0274
  • Cotter pin assortment


How To Change A Watch Band
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