6 Inch Wood Handled Scratch Brush with Brass Bristles

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This 6" inch scratch brush is great for cleaning inside confined areas and finishing metal surfaces. With three rows of brass bristles, this scratch brush is tough and just the tool you need to clean your working tools and it can even apply a matte finish to large jewelry pieces or metal sculptures. The bristles are made of .12mm crimped brass wire which makes it great for loosening the grime and dirt from those hard to reach spaces, and even good for removing rust. Ideal for many applications where a softer bristle is needed.

  • Hardwood comfortable handle
  • Medium soft brass bristles
  • Great for cleaning and soft metal surface textures
  • It has three rows of bristles
  • Bristles are 3/8" wide, .65" inches high (16mm), and 1-3/4" long
  • Bristles are medium flex 0.12mm brass wire
  • Measures 6 inches long (151mm)