74 Piece Unmounted Silicone Abrasive Polishing Wheel Assortment Fine to Extra Coarse

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Extra long lasting silicone bonded abrasive wheels are great for grinding, smoothing, and cleaning glass, high speed steel, and other tough materials. 74 piece assortment features unmounted wheels in 4 different grits and 3 shapes all with 1/16" arbor holes. Set includes 3/32" shank threaded mandrel and a screw mandrel.

  • Silicon polishing wheel set - 72 wheels and 2 mandrels
  • 4 different grits: Extra Coarse (Black), Coarse (Brown), Medium (Green), Fine (White)
  • Six 22 x 3mm wheels in each grit
  • Six 22 x 3.5 tapered wheels in each grit
  • Six 7 x 20mm cylinders in each grit
  • 10,000 max RPMs