999FS Fine Silver Stamp Metal Karat Marking Punch 3/4mm

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Mark you jewelry design with a quality karat value easily with a "999FS" fine silver stamp. This marking punch has a "swan neck" design that can reach inside of rings at the proper angle to get a nice even marking. This quality hardened steel stamp will mark your 999FS item and is very easy to use. Just place the stamp on the object (Inside ring or flat surface) and hit (easy but firmly) with a lightweight hammer. The height of the 999FS letters are 3/4mm and will last for thousands of impressions. Your stamped markings will read "999FS" with a sharp face block style font.

  • 3/4mm character height
  • Steel shank measures 2.9 x 0.27" Inches (74 x 6.8mm)
  • Stamped impression reads 999FS in sharp face block style font
  • Hardened and tempered steel will last
  • Not for use on other hardened steel