Adjustable Jewelry Soldering Platform and Third Hand Tweezers

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Another great bench space saver, the Heetrix® is designed by a jeweler and mounts on top of a jewelry or watch bench and the soldering platform swings out of the way when not in use. The platform also rotates for working at various angles and height. The included special third hand attachment with a fiber grip tweezer easily allows for hands free work. Remove the fitted heat resistant solderite disc and a depression is revealed which holds soldering grain (heat resistant small pebbles - not included) allowing you an additional area to place items onto and torch. The 4" Inch round Solderite disc is clean and long lasting unlike charcoal, magnesia or foam block. Solderite has excellent heat reflection and cools down quickly. After prolonged use it can be easily sanded to produce a smooth surface again. Solderite can be drilled or shaped to hold findings and jewelry items. 

This combination tool is capable of holding many different size and shaped items. From large heavy items to long wire or small earring parts. The flexibility and mobility of this tool make it uniquely able to do hands free fire torch soldering for jewelers, watchmakers, silversmiths, metalsmiths, wire wrap, beading, metal clay work, glasswork, and more. Used for soldering jewelry, watches, electronics, and more, leaving both hands free. Mounted on solid base, unit adjusts in any position for use on any job.

  • Soldering pad is 4" Inches diameter
  • Asbestos FREE
  • Made of cast steel
  • Third hand tweezers keeps parts in place while soldering
  • Can also be used with soldering grain
  • Mounts easily to any bench or table
  • Includes C-clamp and pin for mounting
  • Made in USA

Two mounting options hold the Heetrix® in place; The kit includes a "C" clamp to attach pin to anywhere on the edge of a bench or tabletop. Using the 2" Inch pin, drill a 0.25" Inch hole, 1.5" Inches back from the edge of the bench for optimal clearance when the Heetrix® is in use.