Assortment of Bracelet Clasps and C Collars for Cord Style Watch Bands

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This handy bracelet cord band style clasp and "C" shaped collar assortment can be used on an old band to make it look new again. Or you could use it on a band you are making yourself. To secure the clasp simply clamp down each side onto the band. The center section folds down to close and the security chain gives extra protection from losing your watch if the clasp comes open. The "C" shaped collars slide over the cord to hold them in place near the watch. Kit includes 2 white and 2 yellow clasps, 2 pr each white and yellow "C" shaped collars. Refills sold separately.

  • Kit includes 2 pc each clasps in gold and silver tone
  • Kit includes 2 pr "C" collars available in gold and silver tone
  • Clasps have safety chains for added security
  • Replaces old and worn out parts
  • Can be used for homemade bands
  • Refills sold separately