AuRACLE AGT1 AGT2 14k Yellow Gold Plum for Priming GemOro Gold Tester

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Before every use the Gemoro Auracle AGT1 or AGT2 Gold Tester requires a piece of Pure 14k Yellow Gold Plum for calibration. You may use your own 14k piece of gold plum as long as it is exactly 14k yellow gold, if it is not your unit will not be primed/calibrated correctly. Many rings and pieces of jewelry even when stamped 14k can vary by up to 30%. That is why we are offering one bead of 14k Yellow casting grain weighing approximately .2-.25 grams and measuring 3-4mm in diameter specifically for Priming the AGT1 Gold Tester. You should lightly file the top and bottom of any calibration or test piece to get a good, clean surface for the test pen and test plate.

  • Exactly 14k gold to ensure proper calibration of your Auracle AGT1 & AGT2
  • Flattened for maximum surface area in contact with test plate and minimum weight so we can sell for a low price
  • Measures 3-4mm on average and weighs approximately .2-.25 grams