Bergeon 30102-P04 Watch Dip Oiler Set

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This popular selection of 4 oilers includes one each of Yellow (Very Large), Green (Large), Blue (Medium), and Red (Fine). Each dip oiler has a hexagon shaped body to prevent them from rolling off the table and each are supplied with a cover that will protect the tip of the oiler. The handles and covers are plastic and are made in Switzerland. This is a must have set for precision oiling of watch movements and other fine parts.

  • Bergeon 30102-P04 set of 4 dip oilers from small to large for lubrication of any size part you may run into
  • Dip oilers measure 2.7" inches (68.6mm) in length and have a diameter of 0.22" inches (5.6mm)
  • Handles or bodies are made of plastic
  • Flat steel tips
  • Product size 2.4" X 0.2" X 0.2" Inches (60 X 5 X 5mm)
  • Swiss Made