Bergeon 30464 Hand Gauge Watchmakers Tool

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This genuine Bergeon hand gauge was designed to make it possible to quickly and easily measure the original hole size of a pair of hands, even if they are broken. Its very easy to use; you simply slide the hour or minute hand over the pin sticking out of the gauge and gently push down until the hand stops. This is the hole size of the watch hands and the size you will need for the original movement. You can also measure a new pair of hands in the same way to make sure that they are the correct size and will fit on your original movement. This gauge will measure from the smallest hand size of .30 mm to the largest hand size of 2.0 mm. It also includes a MM gauge at the top of the tool so you can find the length of the hand.

  • Measures the size of watch hand holes
  • Gauges watch hands from .30 mm to 2.0 mm
  • Also features a gauge to measure the length of watch hands
  • Size 2 X 1 X 1" Inches (45 X 45 X 15mm)
  • Swiss made

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