Bergeon 6987-G Swiss Case Opener Knife Tool Left Handed

Temporarily Out of Stock

This is for all you lefties out there: Bergeon has finally introduced the best left handed "Blade Type" case opener available. It features an ideal size, ergonomic handle which increases opening power on tough cases. The design of the larger, well balanced handle requires less effort to open a watch case and reduces the risk of case damage during a repair. The blade is held in place with three hex screws that are secured in the solid metal handle. Once you have this tool in hand, you will feel the quality and precision it offers. Bonus! Our Bergeon case knife includes a hex wrench which is needed to change the blade.

  • Left handed case opener
  • Ideally sized
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Well balanced handle make opening cases easier
  • Hex screws hold the blade in place
  • Comes with a hex wrench for changing the blade
  • Size 5.4" X 0.9" Inches (138 X 22mm)

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