Bergeon 7250 Watch Band Pin Remover on Stand

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New from Bergeon, this pin driving stand allows you to drive bracelet pins in and out without the use of hammers in a very easy way. The band support table adjusts height to fit a variety of sizes of band. Easy to use operation, just place the band in the support and line the link pin with the pusher pin. Use the outside screw to apply pressure and push the pin out of the band. This design reduces the chance of damage being done by taking out the margin of human error and hand held pin pusher and hammer have. Supplied with 5 pins, 1 each of 0.80 and 1.00 in long and short lengths and a flat end pin.

  • Stability of tool make it easy to use
  • Easy height adjustment for different band thicknesses
  • Includes 5 tips; 1 each of 0.80mm and 1.00mm in long and short length and flat end pin
  • Fits band approximately 40mm wide
  • Extra pins stored in base
  • Rubber feet for skid free surface
  • Swiss made

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