Bergeon 7721 Automatic Watch and Clock Oiler Set

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Bergeon automatic oilers are easy to use and allow careful, precise placement of oil. This set of precision oilers puts Bergeon's three models at your fingertips: 7718-1A, 771-2A and 7720-5. Supplied with a premium quality, non slip composite base.

  • Includes oilers: #1A, #2 and #5
  • Convenient base, size: 4-3/4" x 2"
  • Swiss made

7718-1A Oiler is just the tool watchmakers need when it comes to oiling cap jewels or shock absorbing devices without removing them from the watch. It is also a perfect for other general oiling needs like working on small movements.

7719-2A is a drop deposit oiler for oiling pallets, mechanical parts and oiling spots that are difficult to reach.

7720-5 is a drop-injection oiler used for train wheel pivots, cup bearings and everywhere the oiler has to be positioned before depositing oil.