Bergeon 7814 Starter Service Tool Set for Watch Band Repair

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This Bergeon watch tool kit is compact and complete with 18 tools, replacement tips and deluxe carrying case. It contains some of Bergeon's most popular Swiss made precision watch repair tools. The kit includes a spring bar tool, two tweezers, two screwdrivers, case knife, blower, case opener, case cushion, correction tool, loupe, and microfiber cloth all packaged in a foam lined carrying case. Swiss made.

Kit includes:

  • 5767-F Steel spring bar tool (5767-F)
  • Tweezers 7024-1
  • Tweezer 7423-2A
  • Flexible 2.5x eye loupe (2611-2.5)
  • Knife and case opener (7403)
  • Blower (30540)
  • Key for opening screwed backs (7662)
  • 2 Spare chucks for polygonal cases (2819-A)
  • Gel casing cushion (5395-55-N)
  • 2 Swiss made stainless screwdrivers (1.00mm + 1.20mm) (30081-100 + 30081-120)
  • Correction tool (6892)
  • Microfiber cloth (7850-2-N)
  • Spare tips for spring bar tool (6767-A, 6767-B)