Bergeon 9820 Watch Bezel and Case Back Remover

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This heavy duty, superior quality watch case opener, made by Bergeon, is the real deal. Use to open watch case backs as well as watch bezels, this device features an anodized aluminum frame with non slip feet, a height adjustable work table that adjusts by turning the dial at the base. An adjustable vise holds your watch securely with the nylon jaws that won't scratch the case. The handle rotates and is equipped with a micro metric screw for precision work. The hardened steel blade is mirror polished and made with a 25° angle for easy opening power (also replaceable with other size blades). The opener has two blades at the other end for opening the watch bezels that also feature a 25° angle and are movable.

  • Removes friction style snap-on watch case backs and watch bezels
  • Built in case vise with adjustable pins to fit watches up to 65mm.
  • 57 HRC hardened steel blades with 25° angle
  • Adjustable height and vise is fully adjustable
  • 2 Bezel remover blades can swivel to fit watch size
  • Base size: 5.5" x 3.5"
  • Swiss Made

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