Bergeon Luminous Glow In The Dark Pigment Compound 1 Gram

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At Esslinger, we believe that you should be able to look at your watch, at any time of day or night, and be able to know what time it is, whether you are in a brightly lit room or not. Thanks to this luminous compound, you will add or replace a luminescent glow to your watch. This new generation, high-performance phosphorescent pigment has been designed for the high end watches like Rolex. This Swiss made pigment features an improved light storing capacity, allowing them to illuminate the night markings of your watch hands and dials for longer than ever before.

  • One gram bottle
  • Choose from 6 luminescent glow colors: white, red, orange, yellow, green and blue
  • Long lasting
  • Sold individually 

Instructions for use
Pour a small amount of glue (sold separately #64.5631) into the plastic cup. Add the powder gradually at the same time stirring with an oil-pike to obtain a homogeneous paste of the desired consistency. During application, stir the paste from time to time. If the paste thickens, add one or two drops of the thinner (sold separately #64.5630) to bring it back to the working consistency. When applying, paint the luminous compound on thick enough to that you do not see though it (it can be applied very thick but consider any moving parts that may interfere).