Brass Tweezers Non Magnetic 5 Inch Straight Tip 6 Sizes Sold Individually

Brass Tweezers Non Magnetic 6 Inch Straight Tip 5 Sizes Sold Individually
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This non-magnetic, brass tweezers is very economical and includes the most common sizes for watchmakers but makes a great general purpose set as well. The sharp, straight tip tweezers are great for a variety of uses including soldering, jewelry making and watch repair. Being brass is a very soft alloy, these are great for small delicate parts, polished pieces or anything that can't be scratched or marred. Tweezers vary in length between 4.75" and 5" inches long and are available in tip sizes 3, 5, A, MM and NN. Tweezers style 3, 5 and NN are 4.75" in length, style AA and MM are 5" inches in length.

  • Styles 3, 5 and NN are 4.75" inches long (120mm)
  • Styles AA and MM are 5" inches long (127mm)
  • Tweezers are very soft and non-magnetic
  • Available styles: #3, #5, AA, MM and NN
  • Made of brass