Clear Glass Alcohol Cup with Knob 3 1/2 oz

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This clear glass cup is perfect for holding all sorts of solutions from alcohol to benzene and many more. The edges of the cover and cup have been designed to form a tight seal that will keep dust from entering and protecting solutions from evaporation. Because of this, you can also use this cup in your ultrasonic by filling it with cleaning solution and placing the item to be cleaned inside. This way, you can safely clean loose diamonds and gemstones, as well as jewelry pieces where you are concerned about loosing a stone.

  • Tight seal prevents evaporation and loss of liquid
  • Prevents the loss of precious stones in your ultrasonic cleaner
  • Outside diameter measures 3 1/4" Inches
  • Height of 2 3/8" Inches
  • Has a capacity 3 1/2 oz