Coin Bezel $5.00 Gold Eagle 1/10 oz Yellow Gold Filled Rope Edge Coin Frame Pendant

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Coin jewelry is easy to make and will display your coin in a beautiful alternative compared to a plastic holder or box. Each bezel has a inside channel that safely holds your coin in place without scratching or misshaping your coin, the screw top closure provides the coin with extra security to prevent loss while wearing your beautiful coin jewelry. The channel is manufactured precisely to securely hold the coin but not take away from the coins beauty and detail.

  • Coin Bezel with Rope Edging for a 1/10 oz $5.00 Gold Eagle
  • Fits Coin Size 16.50 X 1.19 MM
  • Yellow Gold Filled Coin Bezel (12/20 YGF)
  • Screw Top Style Closure
  • Pendant Bail, Chain, and Coin are NOT included

NOTICE: All coins can vary in size from year to year and from where they were produced or minted, it is important to measure the coins millimeter size both in diameter and thickness before ordering your coin bezel. Using a digital gauge is the best way to ensure exact measurements when measuring coins, jewelry, stones, and watch parts. A standard ruler can be used as well, but this method has to be done carefully in order to obtain accurate results.

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