Connoisseurs Silver Polishing and Tarnish Removing Wipes

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Simple and convenient to use, these dry disposable wipes provide a fast and flawless shine to silver surfaces - without the mess of traditional creams, pastes and sprays. Made of ultra soft cloth treated with a specially formulated gentle cleanser and polish, Connoisseurs Silver Wipes remove and control tarnish build up. Each 6" x 7" wipe cleans approximately four, 5 piece place setting of flatware. Or approximately 2-3 small or 1-2 large pieces: tea pots, serving plates, or bowls.

  • Package of 10 dry disposable wipes
  • Non-toxic tarnish control
  • Gently polishes quickly and easily; leaves and anti-tarnish shield
  • Size is 6" x 7" (15.24cm x 17.78cm)
  • Made in USA