Copper and Brass Solder Yellow Paste 1 Ounce Syringe

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Easy solder paste for use on gold filled, brass, copper, and bronze metals.  When polished it puts a bright rich yellow finish without the need for yellow gold plating (raw solder line will appear slightly gray). Real dollar cost saving while continuing to match a bright yellow finish (without using silver solder). Phos copper paste solder is ideal for novice jewelry making and repair due to its ease of use. The solder is cadmium free and comparable to a medium silver solder flow temperature. The design of the applicator as a syringe with a needle makes it efficient to produce high quality soldered joints with precision. Flux has been added to eliminate any oxidation caused during the joining of the metals and also provides a proper flow of the solder.

  • Base metal Easy Flow Paste Solder
  • Phos Copper
  • Polishes to a bright Yellow Color (raw solder line will appear slightly gray)
  • Flow Point 1350º F / 732º C
  • 1 Ounce Per Syringe (20 dwt, 31.10g)
  • Cadmium free          

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