Dazor F15/T8 Replacement Fluorescent Tube Bulbs

Dazor F15/T8 Replacement Fluorescent Tube Bulbs
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We have a range of fluorescent lamp bulbs for a variety of task light needs. Bulb color "temperature" is measured in kelvin (K) units. Cool white bulbs (4100K) provide a warm white light source, common for office lighting. Daylight bulbs (6500K) have an extra bright, crisp white light - popular in the craft and jewelry/ gem industry, when seeing the correct color is important. Blacklight, also known as UV-A ultraviolet light is necessary when curing U-V glue and also used to authenticate bank notes and passports. Bulbs are sold individually.

  • 15-watt/ T8 type
  • 2 pin connection
  • Customize and find your ideal task light for your fluorescent lamp
  • Bulbs measure 18" in length
  • Fits Dazor and other bench lamps