Denim Shop Apron 12oz 28 x 36 Inches Dark Blue with Pockets

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Our dark blue shop apron is made of durable and long lasting denim. The 12 oz, one size fits all apron measures 28" x 36" and features breast and waist pockets. Excellent safety item for jewelers in the workshop to protect against spills and spatter. Should be used when soldering and dealing with liquids that may be flammable or hazardous in conjunction with the proper face and hand/arm protection. We always recommend wearing the proper safety equipment when working with any dangerous materials.

  • One size fits all Shop Apron provides protection from spills and spatter when working in the shop
  • Features breast and waist pockets
  • Apron is 12 ounces  and made of dark blue denim
  • Measure 28" x 36" inches