Dumont Dumoxel 3 Piece Tweezer Set

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Made from steel alloy which is not only highly anti-magnetic and stainless but also anti-acid. Wide range of uses in such fields as electronics, medical, optical and other precision industries. Perfect for handling all quartz watch parts. Features superb finish and balance from the famous Dumont factory. These high tech tweezers represent a quality unequalled in this price range.

Dumoxel tweezers offer the best in resistance to corrosion as well as resistance to sulphuric environments, hydrochloric acid, and other mineral and organic acids. Dumoxel is 95% antimagnetic (regular anti-mag tweezers are 80% anti-magnetic), resistant up to temperatures of 400°C and is suitable for autoclave sterilization at 270°C. 

  • Dumoxel
  • 3 piece set: #1, #3, and #5 tips
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Anti-Acid
  • Anti-Magnetic
  • Each Tip measures .12mm (.0047")
  • Total Length 120mm (4.728")