Extra Large Watch Movement and Case Holder With Four Nylon Pins 80mm

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This extra large styled watch movement holder is made to hold pocket and large watches that are popular today. It is a well made, solid holder that will fit in any bench vise, allowing you to use both hands on the repair work. It has four adjustable pins that are made of non-marring nylon to protect the watch case and they can be set in five different positions to accommodate any style and shape of watch. The holder is easily adjusted thanks to its large knurled knob. It can hold cases up to 80 mm in diameter.

  • Designed to hold extra large watches from 18mm to 80 mm in diameter
  • Fits comfortably into any bench vise
  • Four adjustable nylon pins
  • Nylon pins will not scratch or mar the surface of you watch case
  • Product size 4.25" X 3" X 1.6" Inches (108 X 76 X 41mm) 

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