Eyeglass And Watch Screw Assortment 1000 Pieces

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Find the screw you need - from the tiniest watch screw to spectacle and optical screws - in this handy mix of 1,000 pieces. Contains a variety of thread sizes and diameters with slotted and phillips heads. The screws come in 10 section circular tray with a rotating top that only exposes one section at a time to secure the screws and avoid losing any of the fine screws. The larger screws are separated by size/style in 7 sections with the finer screws sealed in bags in the remaining 3 sections.  Silver colored. Case design and color may vary from each assortment.

  • Handy dispenser box with 10-sections keep contents neat
  • Can be used for spectacle's and watches
  • 1,000 Pieces
  • Mostly flat-head with some phillips head
  • Great for watches, sunglasses, glasses, computers or anything else that requires fine screws