EZ Necklace Sizes 11 to 27 Necklace Sizing Gauge Template for Jewelry and Beading

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The EZ Necklace sizer is a must for every jewelry maker. The EZ Necklace spans a range of neck sizes from 11" to 27". Made of heavy roller polished vinyl, it will last a long time and is lightweight. Easy to use at your bench or take with you. Size your necklaces the right size and never have to resize them. Use a dry erase marker to make temporary marks.

With most designs, it will help you determine the drape of multi-strand necklaces too.

  • Make necklaces that fit the first time, every time!
  • No more re-stringing because it's the wrong size!
  • No more wasted beading wire!
  • No more wasted crimps!
  • No more wasted time!
  • Sizes from 11-27" Inches
  • Made of heavy roller polished vinyl
  • Last a long time and is lightweight
  • Product weight 1.8 oz.
  • Made in USA