Fabulustre Rouge Compound 1 lb Tube One Step Final Polish

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Fabulustre compound will give the highest level of buffing finish for all types of acrylics, precious metals and alloys. The finish will make any jewelers or hobbyist, items look radiant, the compound can be applied to your buffing wheel such as a chamois. Use sparingly and add more to your buff as needed. This easy to use compound leaves little residue and can be cleaned with warm water or steam cleaned if necessary. Fabulustre compound is considered a final or finishing polish after most of the deep scratches are removed and rough finishing is complete. It can be used as a one-step polish if you just need to remove light scratches and clean the surface from tarnish or debris. Fabulustre is great to have on hand as it works on a variety of materials and brings out a like new, high shine, high luster mirror finish with little to no clean-up or dust. Packaged in a 1 pound tube, smaller size is also available. Recommended buffs: Fine Muslin (80/92 thread count) or soft cotton flannel, wool buffs may also be used.  Polishing compounds in tubes or bars are characteristically hard.  These are normally used with a polishing motor, applying the compound to a buff wheel, then polishing the item.

  • High luster final step polishing compound
  • Works on silver, gold, platinum, aluminum, nickel, steel, brass, copper and more
  • Use with Fine muslin buff (80/92 thread count) or Soft cotton flannel, wool buff may also be used
  • Will remove light scratches
  • Produce fast, high luster mirror finish
  • Can be used on a variety of metals and plastics
  • Will not discolor
  • Greaseless, dry and produces little to no dust
  • Clean up is fast with no or little residue
  • Net weight: 1 lb (one Pound)
  • Product size 4.9" X 2.1" X 2.1" Inches (124 X 53 X 53mm)