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How long does it generally take to process an order?

Orders are processed within one or two business days of receipt (business days are Monday through Friday). Your estimated time of arrival will be determined by your selected shipping method.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards or PayPal. We are not able to accept personal checks or money order. If an order is received through the mail with a check or money order, both the payment and the order will be shredded.

Can I place orders over the phone?

All orders must be placed through our website.

If I want to place an order but do not want to enter my credit card online can I still place an order?

Yes you can still place an order. You will need to fill out the contact us form stating that you want to place an order but you do not want to enter you credit card. You will receive a reply back during business hours with instructions on how to place the order..

If I leave the site and come back, will my shopping cart be remembered?

Yes your shopping cart will be saved for 7 days.

Which carrier do you use to ship orders?

Orders are shipped via US Postal Service or UPS. There are multiple options within these services, so you can choose what is most convenient to you.

Do you accept international orders?

Yeswe accept international orders. For more information please visit our shipping information page.

What countries do you ship to?

We only ship to the countries listed in the checkout process. Please view are shipping policy, the section titled International Shipping Carriers and Services. We reserve the right to refuse orders outside of the USA. We do not accept orders from Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, or the Philippines.

How many coupon codes can I use on an order?

You may only use one coupon code at a time per order.

I made a purchase on your website, can I cancel it?

If your order has not been shipped you may contact us and we can cancel your order. After your order has been shipped we are unable to cancel any orders.

Do you sell or share any of my information (email, address, or phone number)?

Esslinger.com does not share any of your personal information.

How do I track my package?

Once your order ships you will receive an email from us stating your order has been shipped and then another email from the shipping company you chose on the order. If you selected US Postal Service you will get an email from Stamps.com. If you selected UPS you will get an email from them. If you do not see an email from one of these companies in your inbox please check your spam box.

Can I pick up my order?

We do not offer local pick up. All orders must be placed through the website and shipped out.

Will I be charged sales tax? What if I am tax exempt?

We only charge sales tax on orders from Minnesota. If you live in Minnesota and are tax exempt then you will need to put a note in the customer notes box during the checkout process that states your tax ID number and that you are faxing a copy of your Tax Exempt form to us. We will hold onto your order until we receive a copy of the Tax Exempt form.

What happens if there is something out of stock on my order?

If there are any out of stock items on your order you will be notified by email with this information. The email will include the item that we are out of stock on, the projected time frame for the item to be back in stock and if the rest of your order is being shipped out or held till complete.

When you back order or hold my order till complete when will I be charged?

You will be charged when your order is complete and ready to be shipped out.

I need an update on my partial shipped order?

Please send us an inquiry through our contact us form. Please include your website order number and we can check with the department for an update regarding your backorder.

How do I get a copy of my invoice?

Your invoice will be included in the package that is sent to you. If you have misplaced or lost your invoice then you will need to fill out the email form under the contact us section. Please include the email address you want the invoice sent to, the website order number, and the first and last name listed on the order.

What is your return/refund policy?

Please see our return policy for details.

What is Add to Wishlist?

A shopping list can be created to add specific items to purchase at a later date.


Do I have to register to order on your website?

No, you may check out as a guest.

What order history information do I see if I am a registered user?

In My Account under View Order Status, you will see all the orders you have placed. From here you will be able to see the status of your order and reorder items previously ordered.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

If you are a registered customer then you will need to go to My Account to reset your password. Once in My Account you will need to click on the “Forgot your Password” option by the sign in box.

I didn’t receive my forgotten password email, what do I do now?

There is a possibility you did not register on our site. Contact us via the contact us form with the email address and first and last name you registered under and we will research if there is a registration for you.

How do I change my email address?

You will need to go to My Account. Sign into your account if prompted. If you are already signed into your account you will need to click on the “Your Account Details” option on the left hand side under Manage Your Account. Once in there you will be able to change your email address and password.

What about Wholesale accounts?

Esslinger and Company sells wholesale to qualified retail trade businesses. If you have a business and are interested in opening a credit account please follow these two steps:
Step 1) Register online
Step 2) Contact us


Do you have quantity discounts?

Yes, many items can be ordered in quantity for a discount. Most discounts will be displayed within the product details. If there is not a discount listed within the product, then email us an inquiry on the product number and quantity you are interested in ordering. Also please include your contact information. All response to inquires will be through email.

Do you match prices?

Please send us an inquiry through our contact us form. Please include our part number you are inquiring about, the name of the business or website that you saw the product and the cost that they are selling the item for. The part department will review the information you provided and will contact you back via email with their answer.

How can I tell if an item is in stock? Is there a way to find out before I place the order?

Esslinger.com does not list if items are in stock or not. If you would like to check if a specific item is in stock please fill out the contact us form. You will need to provide the part number and the quantity you are interested in purchasing. We will respond to that the inquiry via email during business hours.

Why can’t I find an item on your website that I saw or bought previously?

If a product you are looking for is not coming up on the website it would mean that the item is either currently unavailable with no delivery date or discontinued. You may submit an inquiry through our contact us form with the product information you are looking for and we will be able to let you know the status of that item.

How can I match, fit, or compare something that I own, or bought from you, to something I see on your web site?

Depending on the item, there can be several identifying characteristics. Some things to notify us of are weight, size (mm measurements), color, and gold or silver content.

What is the size, shape, weight, or additional details of an item?

We have attempted to include this information on most of the items. If you have further questions please fill out the contact us form.

Do you have a conversion chart?

You will a conversion chart in our learning center.

If I do not see something on your website, can it be special ordered?

For watch parts not found on the website please visit the Watch Parts Inquiry. For all other items please submit a request through the Contact Us form..

Do you engrave products there?

We do not offer an engraving service.


How do I keep up with news, specials, and new products? Facebook, email, Twitter, Youtube

The best way to keep updated on Esslinger.com’s products is through our newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter on the bottom of our website under the Stay Connected section.

How do I get coupons?

Sign up for our monthly email newsletter and follow us on our social media sites.

How do I request a catalog?

We currently do not have any catalogs in print. Our website is the most up to date source for our products and pricing.

Do you repair watches?

We do not do watch repair.

Do you mount the stone if we purchase it from you?

No we do not mount stones. Please see our learning center for how to articles.

Can you recommend a watchmaker?

To find a professional watchmaker in your area we suggest you check out the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI) directory.

If I visit Minnesota, is it possible to visit your company? Do you have a physical store?

No, we do not have a physical store or a storefront that you can visit.

What are the best desktop internet browsers to use when visiting your website?

Some functions of our website may be limited if you are not using one of the following supported internet browsers:
Android Chrome Browser (latest edition)
iOS Safari Browser (latest edition)
Chrome (latest edition)
Firefox (latest edition)
Safari (latest edition)

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