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Firescoff Ceramic Spray Flux Jewelry Soldering Protector 4.25 oz. (125ml)

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Product Description


The ALL-IN-ONE, MJSA award winning, Firescale preventer, Flux and Heat shield!

Firescoff is a revolutionary spray ceramic coating that protects precious metals from heat oxidations and scale, acts as a flux, and comes off in just warm water or in an ultrasonic bath. No pickle required. The ceramic flux coating replaces flux, firecoat and pickle like boric acid and borax, it offers flawless void-free welds and will give your solder a consistent, predictable flow while allowing multiple soldering point with a single application. It will maintain the pieces original metal color and patina, its fluoride free (safe for ruby and sapphires) and non-toxic and is environmentally "green". All these advantages lead to a 60% reduction in prep time, while giving unmatched safety and performance.

  • Provides scale protection up to melting temp
  • Reduces and simplifies manufacturing steps
  • Better protection than boric acid
  • Because Firescoff is a flux no other paste flux is required
  • Multiple solder points without waiting
  • Promotes strong, void-free welds
  • Used by leading manufacturers
  • Fluoride-free (safe for ruby and sapphires)
  • Alcohol-free - no carbon residue
  • Easy cleanup with warm water or ultrasonic bath
  • Product size 7.8" X 5.1" X 5.1" Inches (198 X 128 X 128mm)
  • Use with gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze, argentium
  • Made in USA