Flat-Bar Adjustable Watch Case Back Opening Wrench Tool with Round and Rectangular Pins

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This simple case opener is both effective and economical. Longer, flat handle is easy to hold and ensures you do not tilt the tool when applying pressure, which can cause the tool to slip. This tool will allow you to quickly and easily open and close screw-on, notched watch case backs. The tools adjustable pins are double sided, on one side you have a square / rectangular pin and on the opposite side you have round pins. The rectangular pins, whoms faces measure 1.60 x 6.40mm, are easily adjustable between 9 - 35mm. The round pins, which have a diameter of 1.60mm are adjustable between 13 - 39mm making this a very versatile tool. Overall length of tool measures 6.5" inches (164mm).

  • Economical tool with unique and functional design
  • Tool is constructed of steel
  • Features double sided pins with a round side and a square side
  • Rectangular / Square pins are adjustable between 9 - 35mm
  • Round pins are adjustable between 13 - 39mm
  • Long flat handle provides good leverage and torque while keeping the tool level
  • Overall length of tool measures 6.5" inches (164mm)

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