Flat Nose Ergonomic Pliers 5 1/2 Inches Jewelry Tool

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This new series of pliers offers the user true ergonomics at very reasonable pricing. They feature precision heads and well-tapered jaws for fine or delicate work. Moreover, the handles are longer than normal but closer together when pliers jaws are closed. This means less carpel tunnel stress and more comfortable grip with less fatigue and better control. All have double leaf springs and cushion PVC grips, length is 5-1/2".


  • The Flat Nose Pliers designed for making sharp bends and right angles in soft wire
  • Flat Nose Pliers Craft Tool grip flat objects and work well for straightening bent wire
  • Box-joint construction for dependable use and smooth operation
  • Double spring to help lessen hand fatigue
  • Suitable tool for craftsman and jewelers
  • Soft rubber grip is easy for gripping
  • Size: approximately 5 1/2" Inches