Foredom MADCH-6 Deluxe Work Bench Station

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A perfect addition to any bench, this work station keeps you protected and comfortable. Its large, curved acrylic shield (8" wide at top x 5" at base x 10.5" long) provides a clear view of your work and helps contain dust and debris. Armrests are nicely padded and adjustable for ideal support. The exhaust port accommodates a 2-1/4" hose and is supplied with an elbow connector to position your dust collector hose in any direction. (Note: hose is not included). Also features a wood bench pin which attaches with a mounting bracket.

  • Deluxe work station with bench pin and shield
  • Helps to keep dust and debris from flying at you
  • 2 year limited warranty *excludes shield
  • Product weight is 6.4 lbs