Foredom MAMH-1 Double Motor Hanger For Flex Shaft Machines

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This study flex shaft holder features a 3-piece hexagonal support rod, top safety hook rod for holding one or two motors and matching clamp for attaching to any bench top up to 2-1/4" thick. The rod height can be adjusted with the locking screw built onto the clamp. These new holders come with a Handpiece Rest that slides onto the hanger pole and secures your handpieces when not in use. Also has two spring safety clips that slide over the motor hanger and on to the rod to keep the motor(s) from falling off the hanger. This new motor hanger along with the base mount version, will replace all other hangers in the Foredom line.

  • Holds one or two flex shafts securely
  • Includes handpiece holders/rests
  • Maximum height 42" inches
  • Minimum height 20" inches
  • Steel design hanger
  • Base clamp mounts to any desk or bench up to 2.25" inches thick

Assembly of the hanger is simple with the supplied couplings and set screws and when properly assembled, it is very strong.