Full Metal Spring Bar Tool

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This sturdy, extra-duty tool is a great value. Used for watch band replacement and repair, it features an all metal design with a knurled handle which provides excellent grip and replaceable tips. On one side is a 4mm forked end, the other side is reversible with a pointed tip (0.80mm) on end and a small fork tip (1.40mm) on the other end. Both ends have screw-chucks to secure tips. This versatile spring-bar tool is perfect for working on a variety of watch styles.

  • One doubled ended tip: one side forked, the other pointed
  • One single ended tip: forked and slightly curved for use on larger or heavier watch bands
  • Replacement tips available product numbers
  • Forked tips measure 1.40 and 4.0mm, Pointed tip measures .80mm
  • Heavy-duty all metal design
  • Measures 5-1/2" inches

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