Gem Holder and Display 3 1/4 Inches Displays Diamonds and Gemstones 3 pieces

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These gemstone display stands allow clear, hands free viewing of diamonds and other stones. The adjustable holders fit a variety of different shapes and sizes of stones. The design of the holder allows for light to hit the stone at all angles which brings out the full features of the diamond or gemstone. These are excellent for holding stones while designing jewelry, grading stone color and clarity or to display gemstones in a case or countertop. The metal base ensures the stone will sit securely and allows you to pick up the holder and view at different angles. Holder measures approximately 3.25" inches in height with a 15/16" inch (24mm) diameter base. Sold in sets of 3.

  • Gem display holder allows viewing of gemstones and diamonds clearly and securely
  • Each Gem Holder has two prongs to hold stones up to, approximately, 16mm wide/diameter
  • Gem holder is adjustable to fit many sizes of stones with secure metal base
  • Allows hands-free viewing stones and holder allows light to hit all surface areas of the stone
  • Gem holder measures approximately 3.25" inches in height with a 15/16" (24mm) diameter base
  • Sold in packages of 3

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