Gem Sparkle Ionic Cleaner Solution Concentrate 32 oz Powder Mix Kit No Bottle

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Easy to mix and less expensive to purchase and ship are making this version very popular. Gem Sparkle Concentrate DOES IT ALL! Concentrated, odorless, this cleaning solution is an effective, fast-acting degreaser which also removes oxidation and brightens metal to a like-new finish. Gem Sparkle acts as the electrolyte in the ionic cleaning process and can be used repeatedly before it needs to be replaced. Dilution for general cleaning is 1 part Gem Sparkle to 6 parts water. You will find that Gem Sparkle is an economical, effective cleaning agent. Gem Sparkle Concentrate contains no caustic chemicals or ammonia. It is safe to the user and the environment. No shipping restrictions. NO BOTTLE INCLUDED

  • One kit with two vials mixed with water make 32 ounces (946ml) of Gem Sparkle ionic concentrate
  • Pre-mix powder kit - Just add water
  • DIY kit saves money on shipping
  • Non-ammoniated
  • Ionic cleaner for the Speed Brite ionic tank
  • Mix 1 part solution with 6 parts water
  • Effective degreaser
  • Removes oxidation
  • Concentrated, odorless and environmentally safe cleaning solution is a fast-acting degreaser
  • Made in USA

*No shipping restrictions