Gemlogis Belize Diamond Verifier

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The GemLogis BELIZE tester combines thermal and optical probe tips into its patented testing technology. The BELIZE quickly differentiates between earth-mined diamond / Type IIA- HPHT / CVD diamond / Simulant / and Moissanite (including F1 Moissanite).  Test loose or mounted stones in rings, pendants, and earrings - both open and closed back. BELIZE's  stone testing range is 1.50mm and larger for size; 0.02 ct  for weight; and colors D-J. Test results are indicated on the tester's screen and by an audible chime, which can be switched on / off. The outfit includes the BELIZE tester, universal charger, metal stone holder, UV protective gloves and glasses, microfiber cloth, separate hard shell case for the tester, user manual, and a deluxe storage case.  

  • Combines thermal and optical probe tips
  • Test loose stones and mounted jewelry
  • Distinguish between earth mined diamond, TYype IIa/HPHT/CVD diamond, moissanite, and simulants
  • Tests from 0.02ct, colorless and near colorless gemstones (D-J)
  • UV light only turns on when probe tip touches stone
  • Auto power off after 10 minutes
  • Switch to left or right hand use
  • 90-240v 50/60Hz
  • One year warranty