Generic Rolex® Sapphire Watch Crystal With Window

Generic Rolex® Sapphire Watch Crystal With Window
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These round sapphire glass crystals are nearly unbreakable making them highly prized by watchmakers and made to fit Rolex® watch cases. These crystals must be pressure fit into the Rolex® plastic watch crystal gaskets, and each crystal comes with a generic Rolex® style plastic watch crystal gasket. These crystals come with a handy magnifying window to allow you to easily read the day and date on the watch dial. Each crystal comes with a slightly polished bevel edge to give the watch crystal a nice finished look once it has been installed. These generic sapphire glass crystals are used to replace the watch crystals of Rolex® watches, saving you both time and money.

  • Sold individually
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  • Generic Rolex® watch crystals
  • Sapphire watch crystals
  • Crystals are slightly stepped
  • Sapphire crystals will be cool to the touch when they have been left alone for several minutes
  • Come with a window for easy viewing of the day and date
  • Nearly unbreakable (rank a 9 on the Mohs Scale)
  • Incredibly scratch resistant
  • Easily fit the watch case by pressure fitting
  • Crystals are flat on both sides
  • Replaces genuine watch crystals

***Esslinger & Co. is independent of and not affiliated with or sponsored by Rolex® Watch U.S.A. Inc. Rolex® warranty does not apply to non-genuine parts supplied by Esslinger & Co***

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