Gentec Acetylene and Oxygen Torch with Easy Turn Knobs

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Gentec has been selling torches and welding accessories worldwide for over 40 years. The "Small Torch" regulators and accessories are high quality, manufactured to world standards and offered at a great value. Braze and solder material from the tiniest up to1/8" thick steel. Easy manipulation in very tight places. Provides stable and precise concentrated feather flame up to 6000º F. Durable and flexible hoses ("B Connection") with "A" fittings adapter included. All components carry a limited two year warranty from the factory.


  • For use with Oxygen and Acetylene 
  • Includes tips #2,3,4,5, and 6
  • 12' oxygen and fuel hoses
  • Has "B"(9/16") and "A"(3/8") fittings adapter
  • Easy turn knobs
  • Solder steel up to 1/8" thick
  • Two ( 2 ) year factory limited warranty
  • All Gentec products are UL Approved

***Note: Oxygen and Acetylene fuel are sold separately ***